We urge congress to act on Alcee Hastings H.Res. 401

Dogs and cats are brutally tortured

The dogs and cats in the dog and cat meat trade are brutally and sadistically because they "believe" the more adrenaline the animal endures, the better tasting and more tender the "meat" will be, and because they "believe" it gives the men more sexual stamina. Describe the various forms of torrure they infliict. Such as; boiling alive, torching them alive, skinning them alive, bludgening them, dismembering them alive (so they can not run away), they tie them to the back of moving vehicles to "tenderize" their bodies, they hang them, they force cement and water down their throats to make them weigh more, they slice them up alive with machgetes. The list of torture is is never ending and is appalling and not of the normal human mind.  

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